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This week I’d like to share a series of 3 commercials written and produced by BAF Soundworks for their client “it’s your party” in the Cayman Islands.  BAF Soundworks is Brandi & Andrew Frame – both from a radio background – both with a passion for great creative.

Below you’ll hear the 3 commercials in the series – concept by Brandi – written and produced by Andrew. (GREAT production work !)  With fantastic voice work from Mo Holland & Jim Kipping on the characters, and Andrew and myself on the announcer parts.

In my humble opinion this is a great example of what I was talking about a few weeks ago, with regards great creative making all the difference. Please leave your comments – I’d love to hear other peoples comments on this series.  

Audio MP3

3 Responses to “quality creative, voice & production”

  • Ben:

    Very cool! Its nice to hear some creative that is actually creative! 🙂

  • Abe:

    Can’t believe it’s Christmas already 🙂
    Very nice, so good to hear something not just VO and music bed….

    Nice guys

  • Andrew:

    Jas, thanks for featuring the audio mate! One thing that helps considerably is no pressure for a start date. The GSM handed the notes off to us and asked for the creative to be done, so she could get approval or changes – before she put in the air schedule. So, no pressure on anyone in the pipeline – sales or production.

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