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meet jake… and me too

Recently a young man was brought into my studio to voice a script for a student film… my initial reaction was… “wow, there’s some amazing potential here”.  After the session, I asked if voice acting was an area of interest, and I was told that as an aspiring actor and film maker, it certainly was! Straight away I recognised that any time invested in Jake would not be a waste. Read the rest of this entry »

just a mime ?

Those who frequent my blog know that this is the place I like to show off some of the cool reads I’ve done. Last week, not only was it a nice read…but I needed some advice too, and thanks to those who offered advice, it is greatly appreciated (check the comment section of that post for the current status of that situation).

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i need your advice !

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So here I am, watching Discovery Channel… the ads come on (yeah ads on PayTV – that’s another story !) … I hear this ad… “OCC Motorcycles now available in Australia”. I think, “how cool is that!” …then I realise the voiceover is actually me… “hang on…that’s me!  What the?!!” …I remember reading that on July 29 as a “regional” ad. What do I mean by “regional”? Well, at that time I read “regional or small market” commercials, for a particular studio, at a significant discount (I changed my rates August 1). Now, let me say this right here – I’m not blaming the studio who contracted me, as in my opinion they’ve been ripped off as much as me in this situation, chances are they charged for a regional spot too.

Seriously, you can not tell me that the studio who produced the TVC (the people who contracted my employer), did not know where this was going to be aired, ie: Discovery Channel. It has probably gone to air on local TV (regional/small market) on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia…BUT I’m sure it was always intended for National release on Discovery Channel.

This is where I’d love your comments and advice!

  • In your opinion, do I simply just have to live with this ?
  • Do I have any recourse at all ?
  • Do I just send the bill for a National read to my employer and let them chase their client ?
  • or like I said, am I just shit-outta-luck ?

Please leave your comments and thoughts below – I will also update the situation in the comment section, once I hear from the studio that employed me to read the spot.

a BIG pizza

microphone02One of the coolest things about what I do, is reading ads for clients all over the globe. Not only does it give me the opportunity to read some pretty cool scripts, but it also gives me the chance to work with some pretty amazing producers! Earlier this week, Joey from Pago Pago, American Samoa – asked me to voice a Pizza Hut ad for him.

Audio MP3

Not only was it a nice script to read, Joey did some great work on the production !

Thanks for the work Joey, and thanks for making me sound so good.

Please leave your thoughts and comments below.