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studio space I’m hiring

When I see webpages for small production houses, I often see photos of “the studio” – sometimes these studio photos are hard to believe.  I don’t know whether it’s just me being cynical, but sometimes (definately NOT always) these studio photos are “the dream studio” …not the real thing ! Read the rest of this entry »

not just a big beefy voice…

Last week, I spoke about my favourite style of voiceover – the natural/real person spot.  But more often than not, I receive scripts with a direction like this… Read the rest of this entry »

favourite style

So here’s the thing, recently I was sharing some thoughts and knowledge with some young actors. During this session, I was discussing voiceover styles and I had one of those eureka moments.

For twenty something years, “radio” taught me to do voiceovers a certain way…a very announcer style.  A style that I’m good at … but it’s not my favourite style, it’s not the style that challenges me the most.  This is where those young actors have it over me…. well maybe not. Read the rest of this entry »

‘on-the-road’ kit

As a voice actor who likes to travel and still earn money at the same time, I’ve been searching for the ‘right’ gear to take on the road for quite some time.  Over the years I’ve gleaned ideas from peers and mentors, the later being the late Paul Hardy – who often kept his business running while on holidays, all around the world.  When I first asked Paul how he dealt with hotel room noise – I laughed at his answer, but these days I do a similar thing! (thanks Paul!)  Paul would create a make-shift booth by hanging the doona/blanket around the edges of the ceiling fan.  So what do I do and what equipment do I use ? Read the rest of this entry »