just a mime ?

Those who frequent my blog know that this is the place I like to show off some of the cool reads I’ve done. Last week, not only was it a nice read…but I needed some advice too, and thanks to those who offered advice, it is greatly appreciated (check the comment section of that post for the current status of that situation).

Just before I started writing this post, I saw a very cool comment that really highlights a good point…

without great creative, voice artists are simply mimesand not very good ones either.

This week’s audio is a great example of simple, but good creative. It truly makes a big difference to me as a voice artist when the script is well written – not only is it easier to read, it’s a lot more fun to read, and it encourages me to give that little bit more ! Here’s a commercial I voiced recently for my friends at Hardy Audio Productions.

Audio MP3

Talking about great creative, it’s not only advertising creative that is fun to read, tonight I was working with Kate Wilson (a professional Voice Actor & Voice coach). Kate was reading a short story for distribution as an audio book, once again…this was great creative – not only fun to read – but fun for me as the recording engineer. So thanks to those writers making us…more than just a mime 🙂

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  • There is nothing worse than trying to shine a script-writer’s feces. Having someone write towards an actual vision or an idea that stands a little left of center from everything else…well, that’s why we come to work, no?

  • Production Pete:

    Nicely written…takes the listener on a little journey andcreates a wee bita mystery as it unfolds.
    Well read Too ! As an audio producer it makes it an enjoyable experience to create for & work with talented people from start to finish.

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