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iPhone app :) talent please

During my hiatus I’ve been periodically writing blog posts, but saving them in my drafts section, I thought it was about time I started posting them! So here we go with some hot news !

I’ve been a massive fan of mobile devices ever since I got my first Smartphone (iMate Jasjam) quite a few years ago.  Since then, in my opinion, the Windoze Mobile device has been totally overshadowed by Apple devices like the iPhone & iPad. (Yes I am opening myself up here to anti-Apple comments.. but so be it) There are simply hundreds of thousands of cheap and free applications available for the iPhone, making it an extremely powerful mobile device.  In a recent post I read that Apple have sold over 100 million mobile devices (iPod Touch and iPhone). These days it’s hard to be anywhere and NOT see someone wielding an iPhone. So I thought it was time to see if I can get the iPhone working for me from a marketing perspective !

I’ve just signed up to be part of a brand new iPhone app developed by Melbourne studio GASinc.  In their words: TALENT PLEASE Talent at a Touch: The world’s first independent iPhone app connecting Australia’s best voiceover talent & sound studios with ad producers & casting directors worldwide.

If you’ve got an iPhone, check it out while the app is FREE (it will upgrade in the coming months and be a paid app) – if you’d like to be listed or know more – email.  Throughout July, the folks from Talent Please travelled Australia speaking with Freelance Artists and Agents, and it appears that they have signed onboard a whole swag of not only Australia’s best, but Artists from the UK and US as well.

I’ll keep you informed of how this goes for me.  It’s just the start of my new marketing strategy for my Voiceover work, this blog and social networking(@mvo1) being the other parts to my plan at this point.

Also a big thanks to Andrew Frame at bafSoundWorks for assisting with my demo which can be found within the app – so download and check it out !