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FVO1 – Sandra

So my post last week was pretty boring it seems, as no one was inspired to comment.  I know to some, what I’m doing here each week is a little ‘self-indulgent’, but it’s purely to try and keep my clients up-to-date with what I’m doing and what I’m capable of, to hopefully make YOUR clients happier !  As a business person and Voice Artist, I want to be the first person you think of when looking for that specific voice…and I’m trying to do that by reminding you every week that I’m here! Read the rest of this entry »

it’s a legal thing

What I love about voiceovers or audio in general, is that, to really make something ‘come alive’, a voiceover or sound is needed.  It’s just a great way to engage.  To switch on the imagination of the listener ! Read the rest of this entry »

an EMU spotted in Florida ?

So last week we listened to an Irish character that aired on Radio NL in British Columbia… this week, it’s something for Florida in the US.  But no it’s not an example of my “general American” accent… it’s simply a good old ocker Aussie accent.  For me this is nothing special, but for my US clients, it’s something that is hard for them to fake and the real thing is so much better for the end-client !

That’s why I’m sharing this voiceover, because the end-client loved it …. because it sounds “real” ! Read the rest of this entry »

naughty little fella…

Over the past few weeks, I’ve spoken of the voiceover styles I get asked to do the most, and also the style I personally find the most challenging.  This week, I’d like to show off something a little different – a character read.  Read the rest of this entry »