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…a short hiatus

Before I head off for a short hiatus, I wanted to share a funny little comic strip I’ve been subscribed to for a little while. Called “Voice-Overload” by voice artist Jeffrey Kafer, this weekly web comic has really tickled my funny bone on more than one occasion. I’d really love it if you’d check out the comic that was in my inbox this morning:

As I mentioned in the opening sentence, I’m off for some much needed R&R …but as always the MIC WILL BE ON! I’ll be posting again in 2010 with some new reads, demos and inspirations, plus I’ll be posting with some MIC reviews – I’ve been testing and I’ve got some interesting results to share.

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bring on some characters…

A few years ago when I was a fulltime writer/producer, I used to read quite a few ‘character’ reads.  Now days as a fulltime producer, that has really slowed down since I don’t write for ME anymore. I guess that was one of the luxuries, as a radio writer, producer & voice guy, I got to write for my strengths, these days I need to really try to sell the fact that I can pull off these different character styles.

I really love the opportunity to act, which we’ve heard over the last few weeks with some of the great copy I’ve been able to read, but getting to act as a character is just that little more challenging. Check some of my older characterisations on the Voices page.

Last week one of my old team, Peter Laurie, now Creative Director at Sunshine Coast Radio Centre, sent me a script to be a ‘snooty Professor type’.  This characterisation came easy for some reason, and it was fun!  I’ve included the ‘snooty Professor’ plus another script from Peter, a straight read, below. The direction on the straight read was to read quite ‘deadpan’ …but not too much. Please take a listen to both and leave your thoughts.

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voicing stuff like this…is so much fun !

Over the years I’ve read some very bad copy … and some truely awesome copy!  I’ve written here several times about the benefits of great creative and how rewarding it is when voice actors are privileged enough to get a script well written. Today was one of those days for me. When I got the call from Reg, he said that when he read the scripts, he just wanted to read them himself – it was good copy and he really wanted to be the one to read it, but … he was already on too much in the marketplace. That’s when I got the call…

The three scripts were really well written and were so much fun to read, and the HARDY crew did an awesome production job.  As usual I’d love you to leave your thoughts and comments.
…next week a fun character read.

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…learning curve

a few months ago, I wrote about an epiphany I had while working with some student actors.
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