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artist impression..

Since 2004 I’ve worked at the University of Southern Queensland and one of my favourite projects every year has been working with the talented third year Acting students, introducing them to Voiceover. The final product of the work is a Voiceover Showreel for the students. As mentioned in previous postings here, my time with the Lecturer and Students is never just a one way learning experience. I always walk away with more than where I started.

Company 2010 was a talented bunch again – but I’d like to highlight one – not for his acting skills, (although I’m including his Voiceover showreel below too), but for his graphic artistic skills.
Luke Phillippo put out a call – “Poor student needs cash to travel – portraits available now” – I’d heard about Luke’s art works, so support a poor student I did.

As far as I understand, Luke is self-taught and just draws to relax and escape. Check out his deviantART gallery As mentioned, here’s Luke’s voiceover demo too: 

A talent young man indeed!