naughty little fella…

Over the past few weeks, I’ve spoken of the voiceover styles I get asked to do the most, and also the style I personally find the most challenging.  This week, I’d like to show off something a little different – a character read.  This read was for St Patricks Day (last year)…the client – “Lynx’s Grill”… for broadcast in the US.  (Hopefully one of my US friends will chime in with a comment to remind me where it went to air …sorry for forgetting)

Personally I really dig this voiceover, I’ve always done a reasonabe Irish accent, but this particular read really stood out for me – especially when I received it back fully produced !

I’d love to hear your comments:  

Audio MP3

As you’ve heard, it’s not a bad read… but if you’d like a REAL IRISHMAN, who is an amazing Voice Artist – please check out my friend Eamon Duffy.  Eamon is based in Dublin and on his website are a bunch of demos and all his contact details too !   Please checkout Eamon’s website !!

Next week, I hope to introduce you to some voiceovers from one of the fastest growing industries we’re experiencing.

4 Responses to “naughty little fella…”

  • Despite being in South Bend, Indiana…the home of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish…I must sadly report that, no, it wasn’t for me.

    But it’s a pretty cool accent, Jas!

  • Andrew:

    Also Eamon’s mate Darragh O’Dea does terrific work for us. I do love the competitive advantage of having “genuine” accents available when a client comes in and asks for one, especially if it’s around a holiday, and there’s a lot of work needing to be done. Keeps from burning a single talent out.

  • Jeff:

    Yes! You did that for me in Kamloops, BC. (British Columbia)
    Great job on the V/O Jas. Time for more?

  • Justin Rouillon:

    this is good to know…nice read jas

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