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When I see webpages for small production houses, I often see photos of “the studio” – sometimes these studio photos are hard to believe.  I don’t know whether it’s just me being cynical, but sometimes (definately NOT always) these studio photos are “the dream studio” …not the real thing !

Personally I work from a variety of studios – some at radio stations or production houses, and sometimes from my home studio (which is the spare bedroom – nothing flash but it works!).  In recent times I have been investigating other options, from a small space downtown that I could treat, to an old bank vault.  But after some negotiation, I have made arrangements to hire a very nice studio space for a couple of hours a week, particularly for longer voice jobs. I will use this studio for voicing  – then edit in the home studio.

The studio is very well equipped with a ProTools 8 HD system, a variety of microphones (including several of my favourite mic – the Sennheiser 416), a booth with floating floor, quiet air con, Genelec monitors and very nice sound proofing.   When the studio was built some ten plus years ago – it was exceptionally accousticly designed specifically as a Voiceover studio.  It has seen several equipment incarnations, to it’s current state with the above equipment list.

… I think I’ll enjoy working in this studio a couple of hours a week.
And yes, this pic is REAL 🙂

awesome voice studio
awesome voice studio

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