back from my break… awards ?

I may have been away from blogging over the last few months… but NOT away from the studio, or the MIC – it’s been fun, as always! A while back I posted “nice tvc…but worst – sean – ever..“? It was quite a popular post, feel free to read that post and it’s comments before reading on…it may just be worth it!

Anyway, as I mentioned in that post, I felt Kris produced a great TVC – well, it’s way past time to congratulate Kris Woldt and Keleigh Newman for winning “BEST COMMERICAL UNDER $3000” award at the Queensland MultiMedia Awards.

Congratulations on the award guys !  …but I still think it’s the worst – Sean – ever.
Kris & Keleigh won this award while employed by SEVEN Toowoomba – but since, have taken the leap to work for themselves.  Their business, Thru a Lens Media, produces television commercials, promotional and web ready videos, training material and more.  Recently they were signed to work on a project with Australia’s Celebrity Magician – Christopher Wayne.  I’ll share more details on this little doozy when I’m allowed to talk more about it 😉
Also recently, Thru a Lens Media produced a TVC for the Doritos competition – check it out.  The commercial “Doritos Bandits” was shot locally at the Jondaryan Woolshed.  The voiceover on the tag is Jake Stormoen, who I also mentioned in a blog post about 12months ago (Meet JAKE!).  I love this ad – I think it’s beautifully written and shot – Nice Work guys !

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  • Jas,

    Personally, I still think you did a great job with that ad! And it’s great that not only are your friends who worked on it taking off nicely with their business, but that means your voice is as well–and rightly so! I look forward to hopefully hearing your voice on more television commercials as well; it adds a whole other element to your range. Great shout out to Kris and Chris, and lastly, thank you for the shout out to me as well! I’ve had a great mentor the past year and a half, that’s for sure 🙂

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