nice tvc…but worst…sean…ever

Before  I start to criticise the voiceover on the TVC below, I’d like to say that in no way do I intend to offend the producers of the ad. In my opinion, for a regional TVC it’s extremely well produced. Regional TV stations traditionally have very small budgets to produce local ads, making it a nightmare for producers who simply want to do good work! A big kudos to Kris Woldt , formerly of SEVEN Toowoomba for the very high quality of this local ad. Even with budgets so tight, they hired a studio with large green screen to assist with the background key and there’s some great graphic work in it too!

Ok, so the voiceover started like this…phone call 1 – “Hey, can you do a demo read for me? It needs to be a Sean Connery sound-alike. Ummm sorry, no…can’t do a good Sean, would prefer not.” Half an hour later…phone call 2 – “Jas, can you please give it a go, the other demos I got weren’t up to scratch. Ok will do what I can, but don’t expect a miracle.” A few weeks later, I see the ad on TV and think “eeewww… what a horrible Sean Connery sound-alike…Ooohhhh darn, that’s me!” But it looked great… and I had been paid for the read and character…so it was all good.

This is one ad I’m certainly not going to be adding this to my showreel.

Please share your thoughts…I’m game to hear what you think … if you’re willing to have a listen to this! Feel free to leave comments on the look of the TVC too.

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  • Andrew:

    This would have been terrific but it was too much compressed into too short a span. The key work was very good. The “Sean” v/o didn’t fit the feel of the video at all. This is one of those jobs that has all the right parts and people – just not right for each other. I’d like to see another pass at this when they had more time for the job. I’ll bet these people can do some bang-up work.

  • Reg:

    Don’t be so hard on yourself mate! That’s an order of magnitude better than the slew of sub-par Ritchie Benauds that assault the airwaves ever summer. If they had’ve dropped the VO back in the mix a bit, and had it sound less “removed” from the vision, it may have worked better…but if the client’s happy, hell, you’ve done your job.

  • Production Pete:

    With the speel you gave b4 the vision player, I chose to listen first (an audio producers’ habit 🙂 )and then ‘roll the tape’ again & then watch it complete…

    I thought the ‘Sean’ character was a fair impression actually (I will keep u in mind for future ‘Connery’ work) …. but agree with Andrew with the wrong character and vision mix -not Your fault Jase, you did what was asked and carried it out successfully.

    The vision for a regional is very well done – better than the ‘everyday ‘still and supers’ they knock out via the ‘visual sausage’ factory we often see …

  • Matt:

    Come on Jas – it aint THAT bad!!
    (remember we are all our worst critics!!)

    I just love the fact that you got to say “for all your airconditioning needs” whilst still in character! haha GOLD!!
    Coz thats TOTALLY what Sean would say 🙂

  • Matt, I read your message about 3 hours ago… and I’m still laughing my guts out !!!
    I can’t believe I said that with a straight face !!
    Thanks for bringing that up… it lightened up my Friday arvo.

  • Since when did Sean Connery play Indiana Jones? Cos that ad looks more like Indy than Bond or anything Connery is noted for.

    And I have heard far worse Connery voices. Far, far, far worse.

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