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Ok, so it’s been quite a few months since I last posted – again I’ve had a number of posts sitting in my ‘drafts’ bin… it’s time…

For years I said, “face for radio – keep me out of pictures”…

Even in the early days of radio that didn’t really work for me when I was thrown into the deep end and sent to the TV station for a telethon.  (side note: mum cried when she saw my LONG hair, those days have certainly passed!)

As much as I’ve tried over the last several years to stay away from the public’s sight… it hasn’t been working.  I hate with a passion being on stage and in front of people, but for the last 10 years or so I’ve been talked into hosting a number of stages at a major music festival here in Toowoomba.

Then a client asks me to do a ‘to camera’ piece to compliment a bunch of voiceovers I was doing for some training material.

And now in recent months, I’ve been in front of the camera for “More than Magic” an up coming national TV series, pieces for Journalism study materials for USQ, a submission for the Australian Learning & Teaching council…plus a TVC.

After literally thousands of voiceovers for TV ads over the years, it’s funny to actually be asked to be on screen as the actor.  I worked with Kris Woldt  (Thru a Lens Media) on the More than Magic TV series – and he obviously thought I’d be suitable for this TVC.

Although I might still try to use the catch phrase “face for radio” … it seems it’s not the only place I can be found anymore.

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  • Well it’s about time….!!! Personally I loved the TVC and think you did a great job…I do hope to see more now that you’ve finally crossed that threshold. Yes? Maybe? In any case, well done my friend. I think it’s time to replace “Face for radio” with “Voice for radio, face for television.” 🙂

  • Shane Gearon:

    Go for it, TV looks like fun! As long as you don’t stop doing radio!

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