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Again, thanks to some very generous suppliers, recently I have been testing some pretty darn impressive microphones.  Quite simply, the sE RNR1 comes from amazing heritage – Designed and built by Mr. Rupert Neve and sE Electronics, this mic is very nice indeed!  So, like in the last posting, the audio sample below is a basic voiceover in the very well treated room.  I’m using a JoeMeek threeQ preamp – totally flat.

Here’s a little blurb from the Manufacturers website:  (link to full article)

For many decades Ribbon mics have been used by engineers for their extremely natural sounding reproduction of source material. The nature of their performance differs greatly from condenser mics, which by comparison sound very ‘up front’ and lack the harmonic depth of a good ribbon. Rupert Neve’s new custom circuit design now allows high frequencies to be captured and output from the capsule for the first time ever in pristine detail. Standard performance of the RNR1 is an unprecedented 20Hz to 25KHz – three times the frequency range of even the best available competitor ribbon mics on the market today!

The microphone is exceptionally well built, very solid and sturdy with a lovely shockmount.  It was a pleasure to work with this mic, both behind it and on the other side of the glass 🙂 …but for me personally, on my voice…not my favourite. As with the last review, I’d like for you to make up your own mind from listening to the sample below.  Feel free to go back and listen to the other samples from previous and future reviews – it’s nice to have comparisons.

Audio MP3

Please leave comments below, I’d love to hear what others think of this mic.

I don’t want to seem biased in any way, remember my previous caveat …everyones voice is different and the same mic does NOT suit everyone.

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  • Christos Manos:

    Hi Jason,
    I would like to thank you for your SE RNR1 samples.
    I got this mic yesterday and to be honest it is my first experience with ribbon mic. I keep a large collection of condenser mics . some of the them coming from tube side and some other tube custom made. I was shocked the first time I listed to my voice via the RNR1 . I thought that something have been damaged inside due to shipping. There was no clarity, was muddy, dark, darker than a dynamic mic and I really even now I am trying to find a reason to keep it. (I still have the 14 days return policy).
    Listening to your helpful recording of your voice I recognize the same sonic qualities of my RNR1. So, certainly mine is not damaged one…:)
    I also found the following link that comparing the new Rode NTR with the RNR1 and another ribbon made by Audio Technica. To be honest, listening very carefully I find the differences minimal between the two mics…..


    Anyway I would like to say thank you for sharing your recorded voice with us and it is very helpful to determine the sonic characteristics of the mic..


  • Christos,
    I have tried the RNR a second time since that original review and found it to be the same – quite disappointing… if you are interested in ribbons I have found a couple I really like… check out the VooDoo from SE … no where near as muddy on vocals as the RNR… drop me an email directly if you’d like to discuss further. jason@myatt.me

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