voicing stuff like this…is so much fun !

Over the years I’ve read some very bad copy … and some truely awesome copy!  I’ve written here several times about the benefits of great creative and how rewarding it is when voice actors are privileged enough to get a script well written. Today was one of those days for me. When I got the call from Reg, he said that when he read the scripts, he just wanted to read them himself – it was good copy and he really wanted to be the one to read it, but … he was already on too much in the marketplace. That’s when I got the call…

The three scripts were really well written and were so much fun to read, and the HARDY crew did an awesome production job.  As usual I’d love you to leave your thoughts and comments.
…next week a fun character read.

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  • I Love it! I am a woman/mother. I buy the food for our home. Women are relational… and so this ad appeals to me at the core of who I am. It makes me like Frank. Trust Frank. I want to meet Frank now because I want to buy my fruits and veggies from someone like Frank!

    Bravo! Great work all around!

  • Jake:

    I couldn’t agree more; a very well written, creative piece that’s warm and friendly without being cheesy. And I’ve got to say, you did a GREAT job voicing it! I would say that you nailed the angle they were going for, and really created almost a character read without the need for any real “characters.” Well done, Jason–it sounded great!

  • Nice script and a great read Jas, well done!

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