After last weeks long blog post… this week, I’m going to keep it short and educational
(well kinda of).

At my day job I edit and produce a lot of material, generally speaking it’s educational material read by lecturers.  On occasion, either myself or Sandra read the material – but it’s generally Course Introductions or Overviews, never “lectures”.  Well that was until Friday arvo a week ago.  The biggest reason we encourage lecturers to read their own material, is because they know their subject and material.  But as I keep learning, a professional Voice Actor can make it sound like they know what they’re talking about, so much so, that the listener understands and learns from what is being said.

Due to illness, a lecturer asked me to take care of a last minute recording that was needed urgently for commencement of semester.  Take a listen, according to the Lecturer I sounded like I knew what I was talking about.  (For those unsure of the content, it’s Early Childhood Teaching). Using a simple headset mic, recording directly into the presentation software, this was the part of the result.

Audio MP3

Over the past twelve months or so, I have been reading a lot of corporate training material, most recently Certificate IV in Personal Training. I believe the experience with the corporate training material, assisted me to sound convincing on this lecture. I’d really love your thoughts! Please leave a comment below.  Before we get to the comment section, here’s a short grab of the Fitness material I’ve been doing.

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4 Responses to “educational…maybe”

  • Dr Karen Noble:

    I think that it is clear that this lecture sounds great. Perhaps by spending so much time working with us our ECE ways of being, knowing and doing are rubbing off. Seriously though, everything that you have done for my courses has been of a really high quality.

  • Jason… you do sound like a “presenter” well versed in the subject… As a hindsight observer, I would add that you might wish to attempt a bit of drama… play acting if you will to cap off what was a convincing read!

  • thanks Roy – nice advice !

  • Pete Laurie:

    Neeeeeeeeeeeeerd !!!!!!!!!

    Look out, I think the tough kids are gonna steal your lunch money.

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