first post

So this is what I’d like to do…
every now and then, I’ll be sharing voice overs or videos that have either taken my attention or the attention of the production house I’ve voiced it for.

Recently I voiced what to me was a basic old fashioned boring read – but once it was produced by BEN at ABES AUDIO, it stood out enough for him to bring it to my attention, so here it is…

Audio MP3

Let us know what you think.

8 Responses to “first post”

  • -powerful read and great production.

  • Andrew:

    Growl that read for me, mate. Grrr… Nice job.

  • Great looking makeover Jas. Love ya work.

  • Michelle Cecil:

    This is great Jason. You are very talented! The site looks great too………..

  • Pete:

    That read was so tough I feel like it kicked me in the nuts.

  • Captain Pat:

    Hey Jayson, already love your voice. But your chocolate site (Cacoa Heaven)has me wondering. I know how much your voice costs – but how much are those chocolates – and do you make them?

  • Justin Rouillon:

    Hey Jason – new site looks the goods mate. Nice read too – Screaming Jets…now thats old skool! Sounds great.

  • Jas,The new site looks great. I agree with Pete, Very Powerful read… didn’t quite kick me in the nuts though. Did take the wind outta me. Nice job be Ben, Still whistling those ols school tunes…

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